Your Face and Your Fortune – The Feng Shui Connection

January 7, 2020

With the Chinese New Year round the corner, we are diligently preparing ourselves, our homes and our businesses to be graced by good fortune in health, wealth and happiness. While most of us are aware of the link between the physical environment and fortune, few are aware of the intricate link between our facial features and our fortune. According to Feng Shui principles, the Face is a vital determinant of a person’s lot in life. The flow of positive energy and good luck to a person is influenced by having ideal facial attributes. If such ideal facial attributes are lacking in you, perhaps you deserve a little help to address the gaps and redirect the positive energy flow to you.

To usher in the CNY, here at DermClear, we will be adopting all the key Feng Shui principles to help you achieve ideal facial attributes so that you may receive luck and fortune in abundance. Our Medical Director Dr Chin Yee Choong, with more than 20 years of expert experience in Aesthetic Medicine, together with his team of highly-trained staff will guide you through the necessary steps and effective treatments to help your face capture the desired trinity of luck. To learn about what facial features are deemed the “most lucky” and how you may achieve them, we invite you to read on and find out more.

1. Fuller Forehead
The forehead is considered the prosperity mountain of the face. A high, rounded and full forehead attracts more wealth and luck. A fuller forehead also signifies authority and high intelligence. A smooth forehead symbolises a trouble-free life-journey in the days ahead. According to Feng Shui principles, a model forehead is one that is smooth with no lines, blemishes and visible scars.

Aesthetic treatments that can help you attain a wrinkle free and smooth forehead are Botulinum Toxin and Fillers.

Botulinum A Toxin is a powerful treatment to reduce the activity of facial muscles causing frown and worry lines to appear on your face. The toxin works by safely halting the signal of nerve impulses to the facial muscles, relaxing the tense muscles causing frown and worry lines between the eyebrows, forehead and around the eyes (i.e. crow’s feet). After treatment, forehead wrinkles will smooth out allowing you to have a more relaxed and fuller forehead.

Fillers injections are made of natural biodegradable substances like hyaluronic acid or Agarose. When injected into our skin it helps in hydration and support. These are arguably the safest of all injectables out there with minimal risk of allergy and long-term complications when given by expert hands.

New generation fillers allow natural contouring of facial features, lasts longer and are also able to promote new collagen and elastin formation and extend the rejuvenation benefits to the face and forehead.

The expert use of fillers together with Botulinum A toxin in facial and forehead rejuvenation and contouring is able to achieve results that are simply amazing.

2. Fuller Temples and Cheeks
According to Feng Shui principles, fuller temples and cheekbones should stand out distinctively and must appear bright and shiny to significantly increase the chances of procuring greater success in one’s career. Well-defined cheekbones and full cheeks are essential facial features to welcome greater wealth and prosperity to your life.

However, age may rob you of youthful support tissues under your skin, causing you to have hollowed temples and sunken cheeks, making you look gaunt and sickly and turning away wealth and good fortune.

Fillers can help you regain and achieve fuller temples and cheeks. Fillers help rejuvenate the temples and cheeks by lifting them and filling in areas of volume loss.

3. Stronger Jawline
A strong jawline in men indicates a strong personality, masculinity and authority. It also indicates that a person has a strong value system. A receding jawline indicates a weakness in will and motivation, misfortune in old age and impending disaster.

Aesthetic treatments that can help you attain a well-defined strong jawline are Threadlifts and Fillers.

Threadlifts is a minimal invasive treatment where 100% bio-absorbable threads are placed under the skin and drawn to reposition fat pads in order to achieve visible lift to the skin. Subsequently, as the threads dissolve, they evoke the body’s healing response and cause a significant surge in collagen formation. This surge of collagen formation further lifts sagging skin, redefines facial contours and enables a strong jawline to emerge.

Fillers are great “instant fixes”, plumbing up the skin immediately. When injected into appropriate locations and at the appropriate depth, fillers also serve to provide deeper support to the overlying skin and help to reduce the appearance of a sagging jowl.

The expert use of threadlifts together with lower face fillers is able to return the lower face back to its younger appearance without having to go under the knife and the accompanying lift in one’s good fortune is always welcomed.

4. Chin
The chin displays one’s fortune trend and luck with children and subordinates. Referred to as the second mountain of the face, the chin needs to be defined for one to enjoy longevity and prosperity. A defined chin signifies power, tenacity, endurance and good work attitude. A recessed chin and one that is lacking in definition is not ideal according to Feng Shui principles.

Thankfully, this gap if present may be addressed with the use of Fillers to increase chin volume and improve the chin’s definition. The use of new generation fillers will also stimulate natural collagen formation resulting in longer term benefits. Get a power chin-up to greater achievement this CNY.

5. Pigmented Spots
Pigmented spots such as birthmarks and moles are interpreted in Feng Shui as relating to one’s personality and prosperity. The location of facial moles correlates to a person’s wealth, health, relationships with spouse and family and other fortunes. According to Feng Shui wisdom, removal of unlucky facial moles are needed to avoid personal calamity and to return to the path of prosperity, health, fortune and good relationships.

Aesthetic treatments that can help you remove unwanted facial moles are Lasers and Skin Surgery.

Lasers make use of intense focused light energy that is directed at the pigmented spot to clear it. Several sessions may be required for complete clearance.

For some protruding moles, Skin Surgery may offer a better solution for clearance when lasers are unable to achieve good results due to the deeper location of the mole cells.

6. Lips
The mouth is considered as the river of the face and is referred to as River Huai. It is considered highly auspicious to have lips that are soft and succulent. Lips must not start to appear dehydrated as it portends the drying-up of luck, whereas moist appearing lips bring in luck and all things good. The tip of the lip should be defined and well rounded, this feature brings good fortune in both men and women alike.

Whether you are looking to achieve luscious lips or just want to reduce lip lines and restore lip hydration, Fillers is the treatment to consider. Special fillers are needed for the lips which are soft and natural in consistency. Fillers can also help correct inverted lips due to ageing and will help shape, moisturise and restore youthfulness and volume to your lips.

Dr Chin, specialises in the enhancement of the Asian face. Together with his team at DermClear, he invites you to come in for a totally non-obligatory consultation at the clinic. Whether it is to enhance your facial features in line with Feng Shui principles to usher in good fortune and luck into your life or simply just to look radiant and beautiful this CNY, simply call us today at 6356 5005 to book an appointment.

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