Get Irresistible Smooth Kissable Lips This Valentine’s Day!

February 12, 2020

Your smooth fuller kissable lips will be the only thing your date will be focussing on your date nights during this season of love. Let your beautiful luscious lips do all the talking this Valentine’s Day. Bring that beautiful rosy feeling to your lips and gain more lip volume to apply your favourite lipstick and let those soft & fuller lips leave a perfect heart thumping kiss outline on your partner’s face.
Whether you are out there looking for love or are looking to spend some lovey dovey time with your partner, this Valentine’s Day show some extra tender loving care to your lips. It’s an excellent excuse to pamper yourself and look your very best.

Minimal non invasive aesthetic treatments with little to no downtime and minimal discomfort such as Natural Dermal Fillers are designed to comfortably and conveniently provide you with fuller, smoother, softer, plump lips. So, this Valentine’s Day get your pout on!

In the article we help you uncover the 5 areas where dermal fillers can help you improve and attain your ideal lips.

At DermClear Medical Director Dr Chin Yee Choong with 20 years of experience and extensive know how is a highly trained certified professional in the beauty aesthetic fields of dermatology and aesthetic medicine. Dr Chin and the staff at DermClear provide it’s patients with the most supportive and assuring environment. We invite you to read on about how when done with skilled hands, natural dermal fillers can help you attain a pair of beautiful fuller kissable lips.

In the past, the most popular filler substance was collagen. But with the advancement in technology and medical sciences, nowadays natural dermal fillers are made of Hyaluronic Acid or Algarose. Hyaluronic acid is also a natural substance which is present in our soft connective tissues and in the fluid surrounding our eyes along with the presence of collagen and elastin. Thus, the term “natural”. In addition hyaluronic acid is also found in some cartilage and joint fluids as well as in skin tissue.

Natural dermal fillers can last longer for up to six months to a year, as they provide you with more volume and are also reversible. The filler comes in the form of a soft gel which is then injected into one’s’ lips to provide more volume, smoothness and hydration. Dr Chin makes use of various brands of dermal fillers with different grades suitable for different areas.

The procedure will help you save all the time you set aside for doing multiple make up procedures to make your lips appear fuller and plump.

You can achieve dewy, full and attractive lips with pronounced, natural definition. Areas where Dr Chin can help you improve and provide beautiful lip shape you’ll love and your date will admire are:

1. Cupid’s Bow
Named for the shape of a bow and arrow carried by cupid, the double-curve featured at the highest point of the lips is commonly known as cupid’s bow. Using small amounts of hyaluronic fillers such as the natural dermal filler, your cupid’s bow can be given more structure and can be made to appear well defined. With the procedure time ranging up to 30 mins, you can achieve this “V” shape in between your lunch break.

2. Lip Outline
Fillers can help enhance your natural lip including the Philtrum, which will make your lips more prominent and provide more definition. Dermal fillers injected in this area can also correct thin or uneven lips.

3. Lip Discolouration
Our skin consists of multiple cellular layers, but our lips are made up of only three to five layers which makes the tissue thinner and more delicate allowing the colour from the underlying blood vessels to show through. Lip discolouration occurs in the form of our lips appearing as blue, white, black or spotted. Natural dermal fillers help in improving the blood circulation and the hydration in the lips in turn making them appear rosier and moisturised.

4. Lip Lines and Inverted Lips
With age comes wisdom, along with visible lines on the lips. This Valentine’s Day those unwanted lines are one thing you can kiss goodbye to. Hyaluronic acid helps replace lost lip volume by tightening and smoothing the skin of the lips which reinvigorate your beautiful lips making them the envy of others.
Another visible sign of aging are inverted lips which occur due to the loss of collagen and substance. Natural dermal fillers encourage the production of collagen and help plump up the lips and make them appear more fuller.

5. Hydrated Lips for Men
If you are in the habit of constantly licking your lips to make them appear more moist and reduce the dryness, then gift yourself a set of hydrated and glistening lips. Dermal fillers help lips retain and attract significant amounts of moisture in the skin and can help them stay hydrated.

With minimal discomfort, downtime, non invasive and taking only up to 30 minutes, Natural dermal fillers are an ideal aesthetic treatment to consider to achieve beautiful, fuller, plump and rosier lips during this season of love. The staff and Dr Chin at DermClear are highly equipped to make your perfect lips dream come true. Gift yourself the love of self care. We at Dermclear extend our invitation to set up a completely non-obligatory consultation. You can reach us at 6356 5005 to set up an appointment.

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