Most Sought-After Aesthetic Treatments for Eye Rejuvenation!

October 14, 2020

With masking to cover your lower face being the norm these days, your eyes have now truly become your face’s main feature of attractiveness. But alas, beautiful eyes of youth are great when they last but the unrelenting years soon diminish their brilliance and sparkle. Often neglected in a person’s facial rejuvenation regime, the eye region is often first to reveal the ravages of time on your face. This is because the eye region has thin skin, making it more prone to fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, sunkenness, and puffiness. These make you appear hassled, stressed, tired, and defeated. If you have followed all the internet eye rejuvenation self-remedies such as drinking 8 glasses of water daily, sleeping 8 hours nightly, applying lots of expensive “French-sounding” eye creams, putting cucumber slices on your eyes and still get no visible improvements, then perhaps it’s time to consult your Aesthetic Doctor for treatments that actually work. Today, we highlight 5 minimal downtime non-invasive eye rejuvenation aesthetic procedures that are in great demand as they actually work and are able to help you reclaim a more youthful, peaceful, and attractive look. They are able to reframe the windows to your soul and renew the vision of your attractiveness.

1. Rejuran I (Eye)

A newly formulated product from this innovative Korean company that has taken the world by storm in recent years, Rejuran I (Eye) is specially compounded for the delicate skin around the eyes. It consists of newer and more potent salmon PolyDeoxyRiboNucleotide and DNA extracts to stimulate collagen formation and to aid defense against harmful free-radicals that accelerate ageing. Administered skilfully by DermClear’s Medical Director, Dr. Chin Yee Choong causing negligible discomfort and bruising, Rejuran I revitalises the skin around the eyes by activating cellular regeneration and inducing new collagen production. This results in a reduction of dark eye circles, reduction of fine wrinkles, plumbing up of sunken eyes, and infusing vitality to the skin. Within 30 minutes after injection, Rejuran I transforms your eyes in a manner that can only be described as truly amazing.

2. Ulthera Eyelift

Droopy eyelids and skin laxity make you appear worn-out and despondent. It may be hard to believe, but past the tender age of 25, collagen degradation starts and continues relentlessly. Visible signs of ageing begin to show after you have celebrated your 30th birthday. This is often aggravated by the stressful lifestyle so prevalent these days. The advent of Ulthera Eyelift was hailed as revolutionary as it employed precision stimulation of collagen formation deep within the skin using high intensity focused ultrasound. This non-surgical procedure uses targeted energy to cause micro-injuries to varying depths of the skin which in turn encourages new collagen formation as part of the natural healing process. As a result, the skin around the eyes is tightened and drooping eyelids are energetically lifted. Ulthera Eyelift can be done within 30 minutes during your lunch-break and its impressive effects last up to 12 to 18 months. With Ulthera Eyelift, surgical eyelift is so yesterday

3. Fillers

Fillers play an important role in addressing the hollows of the eyes caused by ageing, stress, and other life’s challenges. Successful injection of the right amount of the correct filler-type (low G-prime) by an experienced injector who knows the eye area anatomy well is critical to achieving a natural look with minimal bruising and side-effects. In addition to correcting eye hollows and early eyebags, correct placement of eye fillers may also help in reducing the dreaded “Panda eyes” darkening that plaque even young adults. The benefits are evident immediately after treatment and results may last 6 months to a year.

4. Threads

A groundbreaking technique that can only achieve its desired results when performed by expert hands, dermal spring threads are designed to diminish the appearance of lower eye bags and tighten loose skin by strengthening the supportive layers of the skin, reducing protruding eye bag-fat, and increasing dermal collagen. These special threads are made of fine microfilament Polydioxanone (PDO) absorbable threads that dissolve completely with time leaving no trace of its existence except for rejuvenated eyes whose skin around them appear taut, bagless, and youthful-looking. The best thing is that the effects may last for extended periods of up to 18 months.

5. Botox

The muscles of the forehead and around the eyes are great to give the young expressive looks, but when age catches up, such engaging qualities begin to be replaced by frowns and wrinkles that are termed unflatteringly as “worry lines”. The eyebrows also tend to droop as a result of gravity giving the eyes a slit-like sleepy look. Here is where Botox shows its unsurpassed ability to erase worry lines and lift tired eyebrows like no eye cream can do. Placed by adept hands in strategic locations, the medical-grade Botox safely and selectively weakens the muscles of unwanted facial expressions that give you the undesirable looks and allows the unblocked muscles to act and give you a relaxed look reminiscent of younger and carefree days. DermClear uses the finest injection needle available for the procedure, ensuring that the procedure is near painless with hardly any bruising after treatment. This transformational wrinkle erasing procedure takes a mere 15 minutes to perform. So skip lunch, save on the calories, have Botox done during lunchtime, and appear worry-free to the world within a matter of days … look calm to be able to be calm.

See the world in a different light once your tired eyes have been rejuvenated. When your expensive eye creams and self-remedies have failed you, we invite you to seek more effective medical solutions. With more than 30 years of medical experience, 20 years of which in the field of Aesthetic Practice, DermClear’s Medical Director Dr. Chin Yee Choong has helped many achieve their desired looks by turning back time and restoring youthfulness with highly-effective, minimal downtime, non-invasive procedures. Call us at 6356 5005 or WhatsApp call/message us at 9366 8855 to set up a completely non-obligatory personalised consultation with Dr. Chin today.

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