Nose and Chin Shaping- Facial Shape Up This Valentine’s Season!

February 13, 2023

The chin and nose are key defining features of the human face. Even a slight alteration in size or shape can greatly change the appearance. Non-surgical nose and chin contouring aesthetic procedures help reshape these critical parts of the face. They help improve projections appropriately and aesthetically and to smoothen uneven surfaces. As a result, greater balance, proportionality and harmony with the rest of the face is created. Today, DermClear will highlight effective non-surgical procedures that can help shape up your central facial features to bring you greater cheer this festive season.

Chin Shaping and Double Chin Reduction

A double chin happens when you have an excess layer of fatty tissue under your lower jaw. A double chin gives one a Jabba the Hutt-look, which is far from being pleasing and attractive. While loosing excess weight helps, aesthetic chin contouring procedures add the finishing touch to shape the chin to the desired shape and prominence.

1. Chin Filler
Chin filler uses higher viscosity FDA-approved hyaluronic acid which is injected into the right position and right depth to add volume and tighten the skin of the chin. This has to be done skilfully in order to achieve the “ideal” chin profile which is a defined point that is aligned with the bottom lip. When done well, the injected filler tightens the overlying skin and helps reduce the appearance of a double chin. Chin fillers also help to shape the chin for a pointier feminine look or a more angular masculine bespoke look in keeping with your gender identity and in proportion to your overall facial features.

2. Ultherapy / RF Lipolysis
To facilitate the removal of localised collection of excess under-chin fat, non-surgical lipolysis can be used. This process uses an energy-based machine, in the form of radio-frequency or focused ultrasound energy, to dissolve the fat under the skin without resorting to the knife. Unwanted fat cells are preferentially heated up, sparing the overlying normal skin and structures. As a result of this fat-targeting heat, the fat cells undergo cell death and are cleared away by the skin own’s drainage system over the next few months. As a result, excess fat under the chin is significantly reduced and the double chin is eliminated.

3. Chin botox
Powerful muscles under the chin and of the neck cause the skin of the chin and neck to look cobbled, strained and unsightly. To relax these tense muscles, cosmetic Botulinum toxin can be injected strategically into key points in the chin and neck. Cosmetic Botulinum toxin has been proven to be safe and highly effective in relaxing hyperactive muscles. Within 2 weeks of injection, the chin will have a smooth and pleasing surface. The neck will no longer appear highly strung and will look smoother and more youthful with less obvious neck lines.

Nose Augmentation

The typical Asian face is pretty in so many ways save the nose which often appears flat and stubbly. In the old days, only surgery can possibly change the shape of the Asian nose from being flat to sharp. This is done by inserting a permanent nose implant under the skin to prop the nose up. Is this surgery absolutely safe? Perhaps what happened to MJ, the King of Pop tells us the true story and reveals that no surgery is absolutely without side-effects and some of the surgical side-effects are permanent and disfiguring. Thankfully, we now have non-surgical nose augmentation procedures that can help increase the profile of the nose minus the trauma and problems of surgery.

1. Thread lifts
Also known as the “lunch time nose job”, nose thread lifts use medical threads to reshape the appearance of the nose. Fine threads are inserted under the skin to elevate the bridge and tip of the nose. Results can be seen almost immediately.

2. Nose Filler
Nose filler treatment involves skilfully injecting high viscosity hyaluronic acid fillers in precise amounts to each section of the nose to visibly change its shape and to sculpt it. This technique is particularly successful for those whose nose bridge is lacking in height, which is also referred to as a flat nose.

With an extensive experience of over 30 years, Dr Chin brings to you his deep knowledge of the science behind face-contouring treatments and his expertise in employing different safe and effective non-surgical techniques to optimise treatment outcomes and to achieve high patient satisfaction. Assisted by his team of highly-trained staff, he provides in-depth consultation and evaluation to understand your needs and goals to suggest the best-suited treatment option. The time has come to shape up your facial features and celebrate the season with greater joy and boosted confidence. Call us today at 6356 5005 or WhatsApp us at 9366 8855 to book your non-obligatory personalised consultation.

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