‘Age Reversal’ facial skin regenerate, revitalisation, restore & reverse.

February 6, 2024

By combining meticulous skincare routines, wellness practices, and judicious aesthetic medical procedures, you are investing in invaluable external as well as internal well-being and confidence. There is no shortcut to attaining skin excellence, just dedication and a trusted medical partner to help you reverse the ravages of time and previous neglect.

“Great looking skin care is not about effective camouflage of underlying blemished skin … it’s about attaining flawless skin minus the make-up and digital enhancements.”

The journey to youthful flawless skin is possible only with consistent efforts boosted by a regimen of potent medical-grade skincare products and effective age-reversal aesthetic procedures. Such procedures include the use of FDA-approved injectables to improve skin hydration and to bio-stimulate new collagen formation. Artful practitioner skills and aesthetic medicine advance power in your quest to reclaim what has been lost through neglect or inactivity.

At DermClear, we can help you discover much more than you can even imagine what skin age reversal actually means. Starting from your very first consultation, it is about attentive listening to your needs, meticulous clinical assessment and respectful discussion of what can and needs to be done. No hype, no glossy promises and certainly no set-up for future disappointments. Just honest suggestions and proven therapies that may help you reclaim lost youth, make you look better and feel gorgeous.

Re-imagine your skin … minus or at least a reduction in spotty pigmentation, unwanted skin growths, wrinkles, frown lines, and sagginess. This is what is achievable with our individualised precision Age Reversal Facial skincare treatments, truly and surely.
In combination with other energy-based treatments and injectables, Dr Chin skillfully and painlessly implants the skin hydrating and collagen stimulatory powers of Profhilo and Plinest under your skin to return or even surpass its former glory.

Profhilo, a pioneer in hydrating hyaluronic acids, offers prolonged skin hydration beyond what lotions and potions can do. It gifts your skin sustained moisture retention abilities and renders it a desirable radiant glow. Beyond the all-important face, Profhilo has proven its versatility in age-reversing non-facial areas like the neck, hands, and beyond!

Similarly, hailed for its age-reversal attributes, Plinest leads you one step towards the perfection you seek. Powerful yet safe DNA fragment in Plinest helps improve fine lines, open pores, and minor surface imperfections by encouraging bio-revitalization, regenerating fibroblasts, and collagen central to skin rejuvenation and repair.

At DermClear, your desire for youthful-looking skin, is well-heard and taken seriously. Our dedicated professional team, led by Aesthetic Medicine maestro, Dr. Chin, will help you regain the youthful firmness and glow that you have lost to the ravages of time and stress. With DermClear as your trusted pilot, your journey to amazing youthful skin is about to take flight.

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